DEKA Tungsten Rig Sinker

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The DEKA Tungsten Rig sinkers are the basic equipment for modern fishing methods. For heavier neko rigs, nail sinkers are no longer sufficient, so an external weight is necessary. Our requirements are defined as follows:

- High Density (Small & Heavy)
- Safe hold on spirals
- Swirl-free installation
- Material hardness and stability

Almost round Dropshot weights equipped with a real vortex allow safe mounting even on spirals, where conventional Dropshot fixtures often break off due to the more aggressive bait movement.

Of course, the DEKA Tungsten Rig sinker can also be used as a classic Dropshot weight, if one knots this to the leader. These Tungsten weights are also perfect for the Kickback rig, as they are much better tied when knotted than conventional Dropshot leads and fall faster due to the smaller water resistance.

Material: tungsten / tungsten

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