Lunker City Slug-Go 9" Twitchbaits

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Herb Reed's Original Slug-Go is precision balanced to produce the erratic, injured prey action that draws instinctive strikes from all predatory fish. Choose from a selection of colors that ranges from ultra-natural imitations of a wide assortment of baitfish to high-visibility colors that ensure both you and the fish know where your lure is at all times.

The 3-pcs. package of 9" Slug-Gos contains a 8/0 Offset-hook!

Quantity: 3 pcs.
Length: approx. 23 cm (9 inch)
Effective lure weight: 33g
Apt jigheads: Size 6/0 - 8/0
Apt widegap hooks: Size 8/0 - 10/0
Country of origin: USA

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