Fish Arrow Flash J Huddle 3" Softbaits

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Fish Arrow Flash J Huddle 3 "- The perfect realism of the Fish Arrow Flash-J with its built-in aluminum foil, which reflects the light, crackling seductively and as an artificial backbone allows a particularly natural action is the Flash-J Huddle by a voluminous Huddle-tail complements!

The slimmer shape in combination with the huddle tail allows extremely slow presentation, in which the tail works continuously at low frequency. So the predators can be irritated to the last, even in inactive phases!

Length: 8 cm
Weight: 3.4 g
Behavior: slowly inflating
Single hook: Gr. # 2 - # 1/0
Offset hook: Gr. # 2
Jig head: Gr. # 2 - # 1/0
Packing unit: 3 pcs.

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