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Private Guiding | Fly Fishing for Beginners & Advanced

In Austria we can proudly look back on a long tradition of fly fishing.

Our gin clear waters have long attracted internationally renown fishermen from all over the world such as Göran Andersson, rod designer and casting guru, the famous Charles Ritz and the legendary keeper of the river Traun and originator of the Austrian Fly Casting Style, Hans Gebetsroither. Our rivers, lakes and creeks are as fantastic for the diversity that they offer as they are for there magnificent natural surroundings. They are characterised by excellent water quality, light fishing pressure and are overseen by a comprehensive sustainable river management policy. Like any destination however success often rests in the hands of expert local knowledge.

Private Guiding Fly Fishing

Beginners & Advanced

Our guides will add immeasurable benefit to any trip, combining a depth and breadth of knowledge obtainable only through hard work and experience. We will be able to assist you throughout your trip providing individual support in casting, fishing techniques and entomology. Equipment (fly rod, reel & fly line) can also be provided free of charge. Waders can be loaned for a service fee of € 30,- per day. Expendable items such as flies are charged separately.

Beginners and experienced flyfishers alike, we welcome all to come and join our excursions and enjoy Austrian nature and fishing at its best.

Prices per Day (8 hours)

  • € 390,- Single
  • € 490,- Double
  • € 590,- 3 Person

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