AOS Fly Fishing Team

Fly Fishing for Giant Trevally GT with Stefan and Alexander Haider at Alphonse Island, Astove, Cosmoledo, Farqhuar, St. Brandon and Providance

When passion meets dedication, borders are just a mental barrier. Both brothers have travelled the whole world for scales and fins. Argentina's Seatrouts, Russia's Salmon, Iceland's Brownies, Mexico's Permits or Seychelles GTs - they all meet the fish catching double team in the past .... and many more. Each a professional in any term of flyfishing and casting - combined for sure one of the most experienced forces in central europe. All these influences are merging together in their tackle business, Austrian Outdoor Sports (AOS Fly Fishing), and in combination with an extensive online shop, that features products of all the major brands in the field and probably the most versatile productrange in flyfishing, flytyting and high end saltwater spinning-gear to be found in the net. Stefan and Alexander are conveying the "LOOP way" of flyfishing as long term ambassadors.

If you feel like catching up with their drive and take advantages out of their experience you may join one of several hosted trips they organize around the globe including guided fishing and casting clinics.  

Your AOS Fly Fishing Team

Stefan, Alex and the AOS Fly Fishing Team