Vision Mirrorflite Polarized Sunglasses, Tumppi

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Polarization goggles should be an essential part of any fly fishing gear!
Not only to protect eyes from injury!
Polarizing lenses filter the dazzling rays of the sun, the light reflections are refracted at the surface of the water and they get clear, deep insights into the waters.
You will see the fish better and your chances of catching particularly shy fish will increase considerably. Even when wading polarizing glasses bring benefits, you can see where you step! Our exclusive range of polar glasses includes models in different styles and styles.
All Vision glasses are made in France.
The models of the Mirrorflite series give even better protection of the eyes, as an additional, reflective layer repels the dazzling sun rays.

Made in France

Care instructions:
Clean with soapy water, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
The glasses must be stored in the supplied case to prevent scratches.

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