UNI Thread 6/0 Combo Pack, 20 Spools

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6/0 UNI-Thread is a general fly-tying thread of continuous polyester filaments. The wide range of colours meets virtually all fly-tying needs.
UNI’s exclusive waxing process produces a thin coating to reduce that annoying build-up of wax in your bobbin tube.

200 yds per spool.
20 spools per pack in different colors.

1x White, 1x Purple, 1x Rusty Dun, 1x Wine, 1x Pink, 1x Red, 1x Yellow, 1x Fire Orange, 1x Chartreuse, 1x Camel, 1x Lt. Olive, 1x Rst. Brown, 1x Gray, 1x Olive, 1x Lt. Cahill, 1x Dk. Brown, 1x Tan, 1x Olive Dun, 1x Orange, 1x Black


Please note:
Denier is defined as the mass in grams per 9,000 meters
136 Denier = 136 grams per 9000 meters yarn.

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