Tungsten Evolution Nymph-Head

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Nymph-Head® Evolution tungsten beadheads are the next generation of modern fly-tying beads molded in the shape, size and color oft he most common aquatic insects that trout feed

upon: mayflles, stoneflies and caddisflies.

The Mayfly Clinger & Crawler beadhead is designed with the flat, broad profile and colors (brown, black & olive) that allow I tiers to match most species of „flat head“ clinger and crawler mayfly nymphs.

 Pack of 15 Heads. 

Color: brown and olive

S (#14-16) - 0,18 g
M (#12-14) - 0,25 g
L (#10-12) - 0,40 g
XL (#8-10) - 0,52 g

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