Guideline Compact Multi Tip Body Shooting Head, Intermediate / S3

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Intermediate / S3 Body makes your Compact Multi Tip concept complete and extremely versatile.

The sinking properties in this body, combined with any of the two fastest sinking Compact tips offers a depth control and adoption to circumstances that makes your fishing way more efficient. This Body has a short, manageable length, suited for fishing in small to medium rivers. The weight distribution is concentrated slightly towards the back, which makes it very easy to cast in tight situations. The front end has enough mass to turn over large flies and heavy tips even on a windy day. This Intermediate/S3 body will sink at a rate of 3” per second in the front and is ment to be fished with Tips in sink rate of S3 and faster.

Available in 3 different weights with slightly varying lengths for double handed fishing.

Delivered as coil / Body only.

Tips not included.

Color: Light blue with Light Grey S3 front.

ModelHead WeightHead LengthRec. Compact Tip
7/8 DH 21g / 324 grains 5,5 m / 18,1 ft. 4,5m / 15' 8 g
8/9 DH 24g / 370 grains 5,7 m / 18,7 ft. 4,5m / 15' 8 & 10 g
9/10 DH 28g / 432 grains 6,0 m / 19,7 ft. 4,5m / 15' 8 & 10 g
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