Guideline 3D+ Shooting Heads

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Adapting to recent and modern demands, based on our ground breaking and bestselling Triple-D lines, this range of lines feature some exciting densities and are also pre-looped and ”Ready-To-Go”.

They are availbale in comfortable, manageable lengths and weights that suit most rods and anglers. All 3D+ lines are fitted with small, coated loops with the industries strongest reinforced sleeves. These lines will provide true 3D performance; both in terms of sink rates and unequalled casting/fishing properties. There are a total of nine different models in four line weights. Lighter line weights are not available in the fastest sinking densities at this stage.

The 3D+ lines are built around Direct Contact low stretch cores with only 6% stretch. Line weights 7/8 and 8/9 feature 32lbs cores, while 9/10 and 10/11 lines have super strong 42lbs cores that will make you fish with confidence targeting huge Baltic- or giant Atlantic Salmon alike. All lines have attractive, new color combinations and are fitted with both color coded sleeves and ID printing in the back ends for easy identification. Produced from environmentally friendly materials featuring strong Polyurethane coatings.

Model  Weight  Total Length  Color on Sleeve
7/8 DH 29 g / 448 grains 10,7 m/35ft Yellow
8/9 DH 33 g / 510 grains 11,1 m/36,4ft Orange
9/10 DH 37 g / 570 grains 11,6 m/38ft Green
10/11 DH 44 g / 680 grains 12,2 m/40ft Blue
*Info above valid for: F/H/I - F/H/S2 - F/H/S4 - H/I/3 (-7/8).
8/9 DH 33 gr/510 grains 10,7 m/35ft Orange
9/10 DH 37 gr/570 grains 11,2 m/36,7ft Red
10/11 DH 44 gr/680 grains 11,7 m/38,4ft Blue

*Info above valid for: I/2/4. Lines I/4/6 - 1/3/5 - 2/4/6 - 3/5/8 come in 9/10 and 10/11.

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