Marc Petitjean Magic Tool

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The Magic Tool will definately become an indispensable tool to every fly tier.

It will serve to create all "hackle substitutes" that you can imagine with all possible tying materials...
Mixing different colors and different types of feathers (soft or stiff) including dubbing or syntetics the Magic Tool will do the trick!

Here is how it works: The idea is to place all materials needed for a fly in one of the 3 given material clips. Use the stem of the feather or tinsel wire to push the center of all components through the opening of the clip and both sides of all materials used will stand straight together. Having trimmed off the excess on both sides, it is then easy to transfer the material from the clip by grabbing the tips with one of the two clamps. Place all materials into a dubbing loop and wrap the material around the hook shank to create the fly. The Marc Petitjean Magic Tool comes with 3 material clips, 2 clamps and 3 wooden "Equalizers" which can be used for winding and cutting synthetic materials such as Flashabou or Crystal Flash in small strands of exactly the same size.

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