Mustad C71 SNP-DT Hook

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The 2X strong wire Saltwater Streamer hook is a classic O’ Shaughnessy style hook, suitable for a wide range of bonefish flies such as Crazy Charlie’s, Clousers, Redfish and Permit patterns, but also for traditional fish imitation patterns using Mylar tubing. The straight eye gives the fly a more natural swimming action when stripped in. Use it to target Sea Bass, Sea-Run Brown Trout, Bonefish, Redfish and Permit. The Mustad Signature fly hooks feature unique sharpness and strength. The hook features a 1X long shank and Duratin finish for maximal corrosion resistance. Developed in cooperation with the world's top fly tiers to exact proportions between, gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling unmatched by others. Micro barb can easily be pinched down without damaging the hook for barbless applications.

4.3 UltraPoint® Technology, Opti-Angle Needle Point, Micro barb, 2X Strong, 1X Long shank, Ringed eye, Forged, Nor-Tempered

Hook size: #2, #4, #6
Contents: 25 pieces per pack

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