SwissCDC Ultra Select XL CDC Feathers, Cul-De-Canard

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Did you know that every breeding duck only yields 2 or 3 particularly long CDC feathers in the winter? These feathers are hand selected at the same time as the “Super Select” feathers. The extra long XL and Super Select feathers are dyed in batches of up to 50g. The difficulty in obtaining even small amounts of these feathers can mean that every colour and hue is not always available. These larger feathers are becoming particularly popular for trout and salmon fishing in Scandinavia. Our neon line, with its fluorescent colours, was developed specifically for this purpose.

As a matter of principle, we only offer duck CDCs (Cul de Canard) taken from winter feathers. We made this decision on the basis of the significantly better quality. Ducks breed less in the winter, which means that the appearance of the feathers is considerably better. In the warmer seasons, the breeding ducks are subjected to heat and even greater burdens. This has a particularly negative effect on the quality of the feathers.


Pack size: 1g - contains 80 to 90 feathers
Feather length: 4.5 cm – 8 cm

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