Dyna King - the Supreme

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Without a doubt, one of the finest vise available in today's market. With only one adjustment, you are able to pre-set the amount of pressure necessary to move the vise body. The rock-solid jaws securely hold a full range of hooks. Velvety-smooth vise rotation allows the fly to be rotated for trimming, cementing, or just viewing. Rotation is so smooth that many tiers use the Supreme as a rotary vise. 

The "rotary lock screw" secures the vise from rotation in any position.

It also serves to set "drag" on the rotary feature.

This vise is available in either clamp or pedestal base.

+ Tool Steel Jaws
+ Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension
+ Rotational Body
+ Adapter
+ Rotary Lock Screw
+ Hardened Cam
+ Pivot Head
+ Set Collar
+ Lock Screw

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