Cheeky PreLoad 375 Fly Reel

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Targeted Species: Large Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp
Get loaded! The Cheeky PreLoad 375 comes spooled up and ready to fish with Cheeky’s premium 20 lb backing, specially paired weight forward floating fly line, and a 9 foot loop-to-loop tapered leader. Spend less time and money rigging up and more time on the water.

The PreLoad’s die cast frame and body, coupled with CNC componentry and post-fabrication machining, make this reel the ideal choice for the angler needing a performance fly fishing reel without breaking the bank. Lightweight, durable, and known for its strong and smooth drag systems, Cheeky Fishing has delivered yet again with the PreLoad’s S-Power Drag System. This system incorporates a stacked, alternating disc drag providing no detectable startup inertia and more than enough power to stop any fresh or saltwater beast in its tracks.

But the PreLoad doesn’t stop there. Cheeky has taken the hassle and expense out of rigging by preloading the fly reel with its specially designed backing, fly line and leader. The low friction, abrasion resistance 20 lb fly line backing ensures you’ll have the perfect foundation to tire out that trophy fish while the Cheeky designed WF 7/8 90-foot floating fly line has the taper to cast big streamers, dry flies and nymphs alike. Top it all off with an included 9 foot loop-to-loop tapered leader and you’ll be ready to hit the water instantly.

+ S-Power Drag System
+ Quick change spool and B2 Backing Channel
+ Silent retrieve
+ Lightweight 4.7 oz design
+ Ships left-hand retrieve (easy to convert to right-hand)
+ Reel case, backing, fly line and leader included
+ 20 lb backing
+ WF 7/8 90' / 27.5 m floating fly line
+ 2x tapered loop-to-loop leader
+ No spooling/rigging required

Line Weight: 7-8

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