C&F Midge Bobbin Holder Long CFT-61L

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From neck to arm. It has 8mm longer neck compare to standard model.

It depends on tiers preference but it gives tier better view to see a fly.
You can add CFT-67/S or CFT-67/M Gravity kit for add weight and tension brake for thread depends on your needs(It sold separately)
Black beck color easily find long tube model.

Optimized bobbin weight (19g) helps keep tension on material during tying. Teflon-coated bobbin arms for smooth spool revolution. Clever Micro Slit Foam design in bobbin nose to retain constant thread tension. Bobbin tube made of zirconium ceramic to reduce thread breakage. Comes with a spare threader.

Midge, ceramic-tube diameter: 2,20 mm

Weight: 19 Gramm
Length: 10,8 cm

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