Vistana fit-over Sunglasses #S

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Fits over prescription frames measuring up to 5 1/4" width x 1 3/8" height (13.4 cm x 3.6 cm)

Vistana, the world's most luxurious OveRx sunglass presents an radical departure from traditional OveRx sunglass styling.

Visatana is the world's only OveRx sunglass featuring Dynamic Base Technology. DBT offers a panoramic perspective, eliminated with conventional OveRx sunglasses. Unlike regular "fit-over" sunglasses, it's almost impossible to identify Visatana as an OveRx sunglass.

The collection is offered in five sizes. Each is specifically engineered to fit over various shapes and sizes of prescription eyewear, luxuriously providing 360° of Advanced UV Protection.


Polaré Lenses:
Scratch resistant Polaré lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays and eliminate harsh glare, allowing your eyes to remain relaxed and focused.
Gray: For general use. Delivers natural colors.
Copper: Increases contrast improving depth perception.

The Polaré lens is the highest qualita lens available in any OveRx sunglass. Trusted by eyesore professionals to deliver superb optical performance. The scratch resistant lenses are available in 100% Polarized Gray and Copper and block 100% harmful UV rays.

Flex2Fit temples:
Allows for customized adjustment to the temples, delivering a secure and comfortable fit, even during extended wear.

DBT Technology:
Unlike convertional OveRx designs, Vistana eliminates the side shields by utilizing proprietary Dynamic Base Technology. Without sacrificing, the Polaré lens gently wraps the eyes with a visual panorama. This unique technology eleminates the meed for the side shields normally associated with OveRx Sunglasses.

Visatana sunglasses includes a luxury case and a large micro-fiber lens cloth. All frames are covered by the Live Eyewear Lifetime Warranty.

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