Take Tackle Tropical Saltwater Stripping Basket

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Designed specifically for saltwater fishing, this stripping basket shines with the same features as the proven original von Take. This version features UV-resistant material and a wading belt with a corrosion-resistant closure.

We have been testing this brand new basket on a recent trip to the coast line of Denmark! Without loosing any functionality in holding its form the TAKE basket is flexible. Flyfishermen come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore the folks at TAKE Tackle designed a basket that will fit any body and shape, wether you are wearing in front or side position! Because of its flexibility it is possible to pack the TAKE basket into your day pack and take it with you on a longer hike even to the most remote destinations.

+ Flexible
+ Packable
+ Ultralight
+ Optimized spike layout
+ Reliable & robust
+ Floating

Dimensions: 39 x 30 x 14 cm

Weight: app. 450 g

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