Loon Stealth Tip Toppers Strike Indicators, Large

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The same high floating material as used in Loons Tip Toppers but with less conspicuous color, the Stealth Indicators are designed for the days when fish are spooked and stealth is of the essence.

+ Stealth yarn strike indicator
+ Treated with patented silicon formula for extra flotation
+ Rubber O-ring for easy attachment
+ Excellent sensitivity for subtle takes
+ Available in 3 colors

Directions for use
Select size and color based on conditions and weight of fly. Create a loop in the leader at the appropriate depth, and pass loop through rubber ring on Tip Topper. Pass Tip Topper through the newly created loop. Gently tug leader on either side of indicator to cinch and secure Tip Topper in place. Adjust length on leader as needed.
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