Einarsson Plus Fly Reels, red

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The Einarsson Plus series are made in different sizes to fit all sorts of fishing situations, from small trout in both lakes and rivers up to trophy fish both in salt and fresh water. The brake system is completely sealed and the stainless steel parts are saltwater proof. Combinations of materials used in the drag system ensure a silky smooth drag that retains constant force at all settings.
The Plus Series from Einarsson are available in five sizes: 3plus, 5plus, 7plus, 8Plus and the 9plus. Each model has an identical sealed braking system built on the same design principles although there is a difference in braking strength between sizes.
Made to last! All aluminium parts are machined out of 6061 T6 to ensure strength and stability for a lifetime of hard use. Main shaft material is made using saltwater proof stainless steel.

+ Large Arbor Design
+ Type II Anodizing 20 mµ
+ Sealed braking system
+ Made of Aircraft grade 6061 T651 and stainless steel
+ Clicker in both directions
+ Easy spool change
+ Closed spool frame
+ Comes with a protective neoprene reel pouch
+ Made in Iceland

Model     for Rods     Frame size     Weight     Capacity
3plus   3-5   87 x 25 mm   135 g   WF4F + 50 m 20 lbs
5plus   4-6   90 x 32 mm   146 g   WF5F + 100 m 20 lbs
7plus   6-8   100 x 32 mm   198 g   WF7F + 135 m 20 lbs
8plus   7-9   105 x 32 mm   223 g   WF8F + 150 m 30 lbs
9plus   8-10   110 x 39 mm   240 g   WF9F + 180 m 30 lbs
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