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The STROFT GTM is the No.1 monofilament fishing line. The TÜV Munich declared it the best monofilament fishing line ever - and in the US magazine "THE FLYFISHERMAN" STROFT GTM was declared the absolute breaking strength champion. The main focus of the tuning is on the tensile strength values while at the same time optimizing maximum elasticity and suppleness. This process, which is constantly being further developed, mainly involves modifications to the tempering process, which is now multi-stage. Hence the abbreviation GTM (tempered monofilament). The composition of the "polyamide alloy" is also undergoing constant development. If development results show clear improvements, these are incorporated into series production after an extensive test phase. Thus, over the years, STROFT GTM, which goes through all stages of refinement and tuning, has been able to continuously improve and optimize not only the most important property, the knot breaking strength, but also sliding friction, static friction, surface hardness, surface smoothness, yield strength, elongation at break, fine load elongation, adduction elongation, twisting elongation, sensitivity, feedback, memory, flexibility, suppleness and softness. STROFT GTM is available in diameters ranging from 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm in very fine gradations of 0.01 mm each and in the range 0.30 mm to 0.60 mm the gradations are 0.025 mm. But even more important than the fine diameter gradations is the very fine selection of load capacities that are possible. This means that there is exactly the right STROFT GTM for every type of fishing and for every purpose - with the highest possible linear and knot load capacities in each case with optimum coordination of all other properties.

STROFT GTM is the right fishing line for all sports fishermen who only consider the best quality.

Braking strength in a Uni knot up to 100%.

Diameter: 0,08 mm to 0,60 mm

Colour: blue-grey transparent

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