Loop Opti Stillwater Fly Line, floating

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The Opti Stillwater is designed for medium sized streams or lake fishing. The taper enables both short and long casts with long leaders and is designed to set the fly down with precision at distance.

This series introduces two lines specifically designed for flowing and for still water. They have an entirely new taper that is incredibly easy to cast. The head and running portion of these lines are two different colors in order to give the angler an easy weight reference for pickup and casting. There is also a unique plastic coating that sings effortlessly through the guides and is nice on the fingers as well! This is the premium line for those who want the best.

length: 29,2 m. 
Available in class 5-8.


Loop OPTI Stillwater WF-Fly Line

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
Total Length
WF 5   12 gr / 185 grains   10,5 m   29,2 m
WF 6   14 gr / 216 grains   10,5 m   29,2 m
WF 7   16,5 gr / 255 grains   10,5 m   29,2 m
WF 8   18 gr / 255 grains   10,5 m   29,2 m
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