Loop Opti Flex Fly Line, Floating

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The ideal all-purpose fly line for a range of fly fishing situations. The perfectly balanced taper is developed for a range of applications from short range dry fly presentation to kicking over heavy streamers at distance. Available in either floating or neutral density, the line’s profile is optimised for quick rod loading in any fishing situation from small spring creeks to large rivers and coastal waterways. The Flex is simply an outstanding multi-application fly line.

+ Medium head length for long precision casts
+ Dual colour for optimised line control
+ Super slick coating for long casts
+ Balanced for over- and underhand casting
+ Handling section for enhanced durability
+ Welded LOOP on front taper

Line Class Head Weight Head Length Total Length
WF 4 10 g / 155 grains 9 m 26.7 m
WF 5 12 g / 185 grains 9 m 26.7 m
WF 6 14 g / 216 grains 9 m 26.7 m
WF 7 16 g / 247 grains 9 m 26.7 m
WF 8 18 g / 277 grains 9 m 26.7 m
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