Loop Evotec 105 Fly Line, Intermediate

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Mid-bellied fly line developed for stillwater fishing from boats and bankings. The line benefits from an effective front taper that delivers dries, nymphs and streamers with effortless ease as well as a short rear taper for extended distance when required. Available in Float, Intermediate and Sink 3 densities.

+ Ideal stillwater and river taper profile
+ Optimised presentation taper
+ Low profile welded loops
+ Twin coloured profile for ease of handing and casting
+ Low stretch core
+ Superior “take” detection

Model   Head Lenght   Head Weight   Densities   Total Lenght
WF #5 10.5 m 12 g Intermediate 27 m
WF #6 10.5 m 14 g Intermediate 27 m
WF #7 10.5 m 16.5 g Intermediate 27 m
WF #8 10.5 m 18 g Intermediate 27 m
WF #9 10.5 m 20.5 g Intermediate 27 m
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