Cortland 444 Classic Sinking Fly Line Type 6

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Full-sinking lines bring your nymphs and streamers quickly to depth and are especially recommended when fishing from boat, kayak or bellyboat.

The 444 Classic Sinking Fly Lines have a 9.90 metre long coil and a smooth, smooth coating that glides very well through the rod rings and does not curl even in cold water. The 444 Classic Full Sinking Type 6 sinks about 17 centimetres per second and is therefore suitable for particularly strong currents and deeper waters.

The lines are equipped with a welded loop at the tip for quick and easy connection to the leader.

Coating: 444 Classic Coating
Soul: Braided Nylonmultifil
Descent rate: 6.25 - 7 IPS (15.9 - 17.8 cm/s)

Color: Black

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