Orvis Hydros Spey System WF Fly Line

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Cast tight loops and turn over large flies with this Spey line system.

This all-around line is a perfect match for the Clearwater Spey rods. The Hydros Spey System includes a Skagit-style shooting head with an independent running line. Loop on a poly leader and you are ready to chase your quarry of choice.

+ Orvis Line ID — Quickly and easily identify your line, no more guessing. All of our lines will be printed with the taper, weight, and functionality.
+ IS (Integrated Slickness) additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
+ Front and rear loop — Welded loops on both the front and back of the line ensure fast, easy rigging.

Color: green/orange
Made in USA.

Model   Head Length   Head Weight   Front Taper   Total Grain Weight   Total Length
WF5-F 8,5 m 24,3 g 4,9 m / 16 ft 375 grains 40 m 
WF6-F 9,0 m 27,2 g 4,9 m / 16 ft 420 grains 40 m 
WF7-F 9,8 m 30,1 g 4,9 m / 16 ft 465 grains 40 m 
WF8-F 11 m 35,6 g 4,9 m / 16 ft 550 grains 40 m 
WF9-F 11,3 m 42,1 g 4,9 m / 16 ft 650 grains 40 m
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