Loop OPTi Adapted Doublehand SH - BELLY

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The idea behind the Opti Adapted line is to simplify the fishing, make it more efficient and thus more fun. The extensive line system covers nearly all depths of fishing. By using an ordinary running line for underhand casting or the new, tapered Spey running line for speycasting, the Adapted system also comes forward as the only system designed for different casting styles, or rather different fishing situations. A new low-stretch core gives you better casting and hooking capabilities. To make the worlds most variable double-hand line system even more variable we have added longer tip sections - Spey fronts. This will make it possible to make the head + front approximately 1,5 meters longer. With the different fronts - short or long - heads can be mixed through different AFTM scales to be suited exactly for the fishing needs.

All lines come looped and ready to fish.

Line weights:

Line #6-7  |  Lime loop 
Line #7-8  |  Green loop 
Line #8-9  |  Red loop 
Line #9-10 for 11’6” - 12’6”  |  Orange loop 
Line #9-10 for 13’0” - 15’0”  |  Cyan Blue loop 
Line #10-11  |  Brown loop 
Line #11-12  |  Purple

Sink rates - Seconds / Meter:

Slow Intermediate  |  40 sec/m 
Fast Intermediate  |  20 sec/m 
Sink II  |  12 sec/m 
Sink III  |  9 sec/m 
Sink IV  |  7 sec/m

Please note, you get only the Belly of the shooting head!

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