Cortland Liquid Crystal Floating – Flats Taper

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Experienced saltwater fly fishers know how incredibly shy Bonefish & Co can be.
With the floating, absolutely transparent Liquid Crystal fly lines, CORTLAND offers the solution. CORTLAND welds a crystal clear coating of a mixture of polyethylene and special co-polymers with a transparent monofilament nylon core. This cord is crystal clear, completely transparent.

Its surface is so smooth that it glides much better through the rod rings, reaches much higher speeds and throws itself further than any saltwater line with a conventional PVC coating. And it can be lifted silently from the water with minimal disturbance to the water surface, allowing correction throws without scare.

The coating is so tightly bonded to the soul that the line has hardly any stretch. The finest bites are noticeable and the first bite reaches the fish without any loss. The durability and insensitivity to abrasion of CORTLAND Liquid Crystal Fly Lines is also exemplary.

The Flats Taper in line classes 7 to 9 concentrates the largest line weight on the first 6.39 meters of the coil, followed by a 7.92 meter long backtaper. The 14.31 metre long coil has a perfect weight distribution for the casts needed for fly fishing for bonefish, permit and other "smaller" fish species on the flats.

Fast, precise throws at 10 to 15 meters are child's play. These line lengths can be lifted from the water for a new cast, without having to stripping in a lot of line first and thus losing precious time. With a strong backswing you can extend the line to a good 16 meters and then shoot it at an enormous distance. If the situation requires it, casting distances over 25 metres can be achieved with only two empty throws.

The Liquid Crystal fly lines are equipped with extra strong welded loops at the tip and end for quick and easy connection with the leader and backing.

Coating: PE+
Soul: Monofiles Nylon
Colour: crystal clear

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