Hardy Copolymer Tippet, 50M

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Hardy Copolymer tippet is the perfect blend of durability and low diameter ,designed to feature a medium amount of stretch to cushion smash takes Hardy Copolymer is supplied on 50m spools with an inbuilt extended cutter and material retaining band. All spools are colour coded for ease of identification. Satin Clear finish.

+ Low diameter high quality Copolymer
+ Medium stretch for improved impact resistance
+ 50m Spool size colour coded for easy identification
+ Built in Cutter and material retaining band

Size Diameter Break Strength
7X   0.10mm   2.2lb / 1.0kg  
6X   0.12mm   3.2lb / 1.5kg  
5X   0.14mm   4.2lb / 1.9kg  
4.5X   0.16mm   5.2lb / 2.4kg  
4X   0.18mm   6.2lb / 2.8kg  
3X   0.20mm   7.2lb / 3.3kg  
2X 0.23mm 9.2lb / 4.2kg
1X 0.26mm 12.2lb / 5.5kg
0X 0.28mm 14.2lb / 6.5kg
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