Guadino Guideline Experience Sea Trout Net - Trota di Mare

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52,90 €

A strong, lightweight, knotless and deep landing net with short handle for use when fishing for large trophy sized fish. These nets are designed to be carried on the back and have large, wide openings and extra deep net to safely and securely hold big fish when netted.

Strong, lightweight aluminum frame in dark grey anodized color, dark green, high quality mesh and grips made from powder cork to aid float ability. A small, integrated ring helps keeping the net mesh in place during transportation. A leash secures the net when landing big fish.

+ Length x Width: 56 x 30 cm.
+ Net Size: 37 x 28 cm (LxB)
+ Net depth: 75 cm
+ Weight: 320 g

Made of aluminum with a floating cork handle.

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