Buff Heavyweight Merino Wool, Castlerock Grey Multi Stripes

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Merino Wool Neckwarmer for man and woman. Comfortable and warm wool neck tubular made of natural fibers. 100% Merino wool gaiter designed for protection in extreme cold conditions during low-medium intensity outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and climbing. Winter neck tubular designed with advanced insulation properties. Extremely warm natural Merino wool neck tubular designed for a high thermal insulation. Ideal for low-medium intensity outdoor activities such as fishing, trekking, hiking and horse riding.

+ The warmest in the Merino Wool collection: 600 g/m².
+ Eco attitude! Discover and enjoy our most sustainable products.
+ Extra warm protection against the cold.

Design: Castlerock Grey Multi Stripes
Size: One Size.
Designed for adults.

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