Tuffleye DC Penlight

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Penlight - runs on 3AAA batteries. We provide high quality and very versatile lights. They contain high intensity and high quality LEDs rated to last between 75,000 - 100,000 hours. These lights will start the "Tuffleye" material curing in 2 seconds and completely cure it in about 10-20 seconds. They have been engineered and made specifically by Wet A Hook Technologies. The AC/DC model is capable of running on either 3AAA batteries or an AC current with the adaptor included. 

Announcing our new TUFFLEYETM PEN LIGHT with the same safe visible blue curing capability of the larger AC/DC light. This new light runs on 3 AAA batteries and clips in your shirt pocket. Great for the fishing trip and as a light to cure Tuffleye products. This light has come from the request of many of the Tuffleye users for a smaller more convenient and more economical light. It has taken several years of design and engineering to produce this very high quality pen light. Possibly the last pen light you will ever need to purchase. This little light can illuminate an entire room. Remember, visible blue light will not “night blind” your eyes to the dark like white light will.

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