Trash Stash - fishing line waste collector

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Managing your leader and tippet is one of the keys to success in fly fishing. This means you're changing lengths and replacing line when that stroppy fish drags you up and down river finding every possible snag along the way.

The Trash Stash gives you a tidy way to store all that discarded line until you get home. Simply insert the waste line into the opening and turn the bottom. Trash Stash gobbles up all that messy line and keeps it nice and tidy for you.

Want to store your tag ends too? Holes at the top give you a convenient way to dispose of those too. Just be sure the "door" of the inner chamber is closed so they don't escape into the wild. Speaking of that inner door, you can use that to stash split shot and old flies too. Rotate it open, drop in your trash and close it back up.

When you get home, remove the bottom and cut the line along the slot in the tube. Now discard your waste line pre-cut into nice safe size pieces. How simple is that!

Please be kind to our environment. Even if you don't buy a Trash Stash, be sure to take your waste line home with you. Don't leave it on the bank of the river! Please be kind to the environment we all enjoy.

Product dimensions: The round tube about 85mm or 3 5/8" long and is 25mm or 1" diameter. The base is 28mm or 1 1/16" diameter for the knurled end.
Weight: 25 g

+ Tag End Holes at the top: Just make sure the slot in the spool is concealed.
+ Wide opening to easily insert your waste line: If you have a long section just fold it over a few times. Trash Stash can wind up a whole mess of line at a time.
+ Knurled spin knob for grip when your hands are wet.
+3D Printet in PLA: PLA is made from organic starch and commercially bio-degradable material. Its stimm plastic, but its a more eco-friendly plastic than most others.
+ Rotating Spool: Holds a lot of waste line. Keeps line tidy and compact. Velcro hooks grab the line and suck it into the spool as you rotate it.
+ Trash Stash isnt just for line either: Have a fly, split shot or other small trash? Just put it inside the slot of the spool and rotate the slot closed.
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