Simms BugStopper Sungaiter, woodland camo

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Some days, when the fish are biting, so are the bugs. On these blazing hot, buggy days, the BugStopper® SunGaiter™ is sweet relief. Powered by Insect Shield® UPF 50 SolarFlex® stretch fabric, this lightweight, breathable gaiter protects your face from the bites and sunburn. A longer cape improves skin coverage at the neckline and a taller fit allows it to fit up and over a cap.

+ Long-lasting insect protection
+ Lightweight, quick-drying & breathable
+ Laser-cut breathing holes
+ Fits over back of hat
+ Long cape for coverage at neckline
+ UPF 50

Material: 85% Polyester / 15% Rayon
Size: One Size

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