Roman Moser Tungsten Sculpin Heads

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Flat sculpin heads made from tungsten. 
The heads are mounted after the fly is finished. Glued in place with super glue. Apply some super glue gel behind the hooks eye - then slip the head on. Let some space (2mm) free behind the hooks eye. Will give your streamer more attraction and weight at the same time. Heads come with eyes.


Recommended hooks: wide gape straight eye like TMC 811S.

Size   Weight   
#S [0,50g] 10 Stk.
#SM [0,85g] 10 Stk.
#M [1,40g] 7 Stk.
#ML [1,80g] 7 Stk.
#L [2,95g] 5 Stk.
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