Guideline Wading Socks Glacier

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This wool terry sock is made for fishing in cold water environments. A natural quality of wool fibre is that it stays warm even when it gets damp by condensation. By using terry loops on the inside, it gives the sock a layer of insulation / ventilation of air between your feet and the shoe. It can be used as a single sock, but also as an additional layer together with a thinner liner sock.

+ Recycled paper in tags & packaging.
+ Oeko-tex certified.
+ Made in Portugal.

Color: Stone Grey/Charcoal.
Tech: Knitted from 50% wool, 30% acrylic, 10% polyamide, 7% polyester and 3% elastane.
Two sizes: 39-42 (US 6-9) and 43-46 (US 10-13)

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