Fishpond Eddy River Hat

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The sweeping round curved brim and the pinched crown of a cowboy hat was possibly the most defining symbol of the American West. This hat was developed to provide maximum protection from the sun and stand up to daily abuse. At Fishpond we have lived under these hats for decades and wanted to add our own spin to the American tradition with our Eddy River hat, complete with Fishpond’s signature Brown Trout jacquard webbing hat band.

+ Fishpond brown trout webbing accent.
+ Mexican Palm.
+ 5" Brim.

#S - 7" (circumference: 22")
#M - 7 1/4" (circumference: 22.5")
#L - 7 3/8" (circumference: 23")
#XL - 7 5/8" (circumference: 23.5")

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