Coda WF Mastery SBT

99,90 €
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The SBT features a new compact short belly taper and loads your rod easily in even the tightest situations when space is at a premium.

length: 30 m
color: orange / dark willow
available in class: WF-2-F to WF-8-F

Short taper designed to deliver trout flies at a short to medium range with extended line control
Smooth casting, accuracy and delivery in most conditions
Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
SA Fly Line ID


Excels in both overhead and underhand casting. Turns over weighted nymphs and streamers yet offers light presentations when used with long leaders. The special back taper extension works as a handling section and together with a carefully chosen running line diameter the result is superior stability compared with conventional short belly lines. Camo non spooking tip, bright colored belly for easier handling and line control.

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