Berkley J-Walker 100

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Whether you are a weekend angler or a seasoned professional, this classic top water bait is designed to provide plenty of action on the surface of the water. The Berkley® J-Walkers have a sleek design that has been refined through countless prototypes to enable long casts. The hydrodynamic shape, its precise center of gravity and its resting position have proven themselves for a "Walk the dog" presentation that has proven itself on the water. They feature Fusion19 ™ hooks that anglers of all skill levels will love. Justin Lucas Pro Tip: An ideal bait for all top water scenarios. Twitch the tip of the rod on the semi-tight leash for "Walk the dog". Fish with the J-Walker in shallow water, flooded grass or over deep water.

+ Clever weight distribution for large throwing distances
+ Attractive, easy bait guidance at different speeds
+ Tapered back provides reflections and surface activity
+ Ideal action and sounds for a variety of top water scenarios
+ Equipped with a sharp Fusion19 ™ hook

Lure length: 10 cm
Hook size: 4
Number of hooks: 2
Contents: 1 piece per pack


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