Mulinello Hardy Fortuna Z Fly Reels

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If your planning on picking a fight, Its Probably best to pick a Fortuna. The new Fortuna z features our super reliable multi pad disc drag system generating 30lb + of stopping power. Fully sealed and Hard anodised the Fortuna z should be the reel of choice for Saltwater and Freshwater anglers looking for the ultimate combination of strength , power and reliability.

+ Full Barstock 6061 non flash scratch proof and Hard anodised finish
+ Fully sealed Multi pad disc drag system with 25lb+ stopping power
+ Unregulated drag control for maximum adjustment range
+ Power paddle handle
+ Made in Alnwick England

Color: black
Gear Ratio: 1,0: 1
Size       Class        Weight         Breaking Strength       Backing Cpacity
6000   6-8   266 g   13.6kg (30lbs)   20-lb. & WF8: 200 m
8000   8-10   272 g   13.6kg (30lbs)   20-lb. & WF10: 180 m
10000   10-12   374 g   13.6kg (30lbs)   20-lb. & WF12: 320 m
12000   12-14   391 g   13.6kg (30lbs)   30-lb. & WF14: 500 m
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