Shilton FLY-X Backing / Bulk Spool, orange

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The ultimate choice for catching fast and hard-fighting fish such as tarpon, GT, tuna and large salmon. The 9-fold round braided Shilton Fly-X backing shows its strengths particularly in saltwater fishing. It impresses with its extremely high resistance to abrasion.

The fibers are made of polyethylene, which not only ensures an impressive service life, but also effectively prevents mold growth. PE proves to be the ideal material to achieve a high load-bearing capacity with a small diameter at the same time.

+ High quality backing from Shilton for saltwater fishing.
+ Backing made of polyethylene (PE) braided from 9 strands.
+ Extremely low stretch.

Price per meter, minimum purchase quantity 10 meters.

Available in 50 or 80 lbs. breaking strength.

Color: orange

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