Guideline Coastal RTG shooting head, galleggiante

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Based on the very popular Coastal WF flyline design and taper, these Ready-To-Go Shooting Heads will ensure versatile and effective fishing in both coastal and freshwater environments.Coastal Shooting Heads are built on a DC (Direct Contact) core and have a transparent, clear coating for stealthy fishing. The lines have been carefully tested to bring the best results, both for casting and also in terms of the densities in each line. Each line type is identified with a colored back loop and also has an identification sleeve on the front loop, making sure you always find the correct line for the purpose.

The line comes with loop in both ends

Color: clear

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
WF 6   16 gr / 247 grain   9,3 m
WF 7   18 gr / 278 grain   9,6 m
WF 8   20 gr / 309 grain   9,8 m
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