Coda Guideline Coastal SH 2.0 Shooting Head, floating

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Advanced and effective shooting head for both lake and coast fishing. The balanced, medium length head produces distance casts with ease, while still maintaining a controlled turnover. It has a complex taper design with a “Power-Boost” area in the front end, just before the front taper. This helps keeping the momentum of the loop turnover also in difficult head-wind conditions. You will also notice a much improved “side-stability” which drives the line more accurately towards the target in annoying side-wind conditions.

This line suits intermediate to skilled casters/anglers fishing from a boat or wading. A transparent clear front part of the head makes the line stealthy and a pale color tint in the back end identifies the different densities and separates them from each other. There are small, strong, clear factory-made loops in both the front and back ends. In the back there is also a line ID printing. Coastal 2.0 Shooting Heads are built on our DC (Direct Contact) core that stretches only 6% and gives you great sensitivity and improved hook up rate compared to normal cores that stretch up to 20%.

Depending on your choice of shooting line, you can optimize the performance of your Coastal 2.0 Shooting Head for a given situation; Using thicker shooting lines like our TSL .031” or Compline II 42lbs will result in faster, more powerful turnover and shorter casts when wading. This may be favorable in strong head-wind situations. This is also often a good choice to ensure you get a more balanced flight and turnover of the line when fishing from a boat, when using a stripping basket or from the shore, where too little friction in the shooting line may result in unstable flight and poorer turnover of the leader and fly, especially in a head wind. Alternatively, when wading, you can opt for a Guideline Compline II 35 lbs. shooting line in combination with a stripping basket for max distance. Other good choices, especially when wading and not using a basket, are our ULS .027”/0,68 mm or TSL 2.0 DC .028”/0,71 mm coated, floating shooting lines. Both have our Direct Contact core for maximum sensitivity and bite detection.

+ Front taper with “Power-Boost” area gives balanced turnover & long casts.
+ Stealthy transparent front taper for weary fish in clear water.
+ Direct Contact core for maximum bite detection.
+ Clear, strong factory-made loops in front & back end.
+ ID printing in the rear end for easy identification.
+ PVC Free.


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