Böker Magnum HL Single Pocket Knife, Orange

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32,90 €

The lockback folding knife for minimalists with 440C stainless steel blade and fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) handle scales in signal orange with grippy fish skin texture. The signal color also makes it great as a farm and barn knife or as a lightweight survival backup knife.

The demands on the hunter and his equipment in different types of terrain and in a wide variety of weather conditions at all times of the day and night are tough and diverse. High concentration and the confrontation with physical and logistical challenges are permanently required. We have developed the Magnum Hunting Line so that the indispensable knife is a piece of equipment that the hunter does not have to worry about during the hunting experience.

Overall Length: 19,30 cm
Blade Length: 8,20 cm
Blade Thickness: 2,80 mm
Weight: 95 g
Blade Material: 440C
Handle Material: TPR

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