Pelagic Exo-Tech Hooded Shirt, light grey

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Part sunshirt, part fishing shirt, part hoody, part face shield – the Pelagic Exo-Tech is the ultimate force-field for your skin packed into a multi-functional long sleeve shirt to protect you from the sun’s harmful and damaging UV rays. Packed to the gills with features, this tech shirt has everything you would ever need for a long day on the water. Features include a built-in mesh faceshield, a vented mesh hoodie and a large front secure zipper storage pocket.

+ UPF 50+ Sun Protection
+ Mesh Side Panels for Ventilation
+ Pullover Hood
+ Integrated Mesh Face Mask
+ Water Repellency & Stain Guard
+ Anti-Microbial
+ Quick Drying

Material: 86% Polyester | 14% Elastane
Size: M-XL

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