Pro SoftSonic Disc

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The Pro SoftSonic Disc™ is a lightweight, soft plastic disc that incorporates 6 holes in a convex-to-concave shape. These openings allow water to flow through, adding movement to the fly and also making it easier to lift fly out of water when casting. The disc can be tube- or line-mounted in front of pattern to provide fly protection in fast current flows and also placed at the backend of the tube to allow fly to enter water more easily. This "rear positioning" can add some extra turbulence to the fly.

#S (∅ 6 mm) - 10 pieces per pack
#M (∅ 8 mm) - 9 pieces per pack
#L (∅ 10 mm) - 8 pieces per pack
#XL (∅ 12 mm) - 7 pieces per pack

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