Westin TwinTeez V-Tail Soft Bait, 15cm

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This fork tail body is ideal for vertical fishing. It has the perfect softness and movement to tease any old zander and to react on even the slightest twitch of a rod tip. The pre-shaped front makes it easy to fit onto a Westin jig head. Westin TwinTeez has an interior, horizontal chamber to hold one of the glass/stainless steel rattle-sticks included in the package. Compared to ordinary rattle-sticks the glass rattles maximizes the rattle acoustics.

+ Forked twin-tail
+ Optimized flexibility
+ Interior chamber for rattle stick
+ Pre-shaped front to fit Westin jig heads
+ Two rattle-sticks included
+ Glass/steel rattles for best acoustics

Weight: 15 cm - 14g
Content: 5 pcs. per pack
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