Westin Hypoteez R 'N R Soft Baits, 11.5 cm

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Sometimes you don't know exactly the tactics you'll need to land a big predator, and that's where the new HypoTeez ST R 'N R comes in. This is the perfect 'search bait', one that is just at home fooling big bass as it is fooling big pike. This little badass isn't scared of any fish with teeth. It features a tight, erratic swimming action and the usual impressive and realistic details and fins that the HypoTeez range has come to be known for. Trust us when we say, you may wonder how you fished without a couple of these in your tackle box.

+ Lead free
+ Japanese-style #2 carbon steel hook / Single hook #6/0
+ Soft body with inside weight - Rigged ?N Ready to fish!
+ Life-Like Lure
+ Optimized flexibility
+ Realistic eyes
+ Easy action shad tail
+ Slim body design with great belly flash
+ Hand painted detailed colors

Weight: 24g
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