Tonic YouRanium Polarized Glasses, matte black / glass neon copper

tempo di consegna 10-14 giorni lavorativi
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The sunglasses by TONIC Eyewear were developed and optimized in close cooperation with fly fishermen in Australia. The lighting conditions in Australia are extreme, what works there works all over the world, whether on the Mur, Inn or on to Patagonia. The effort involved in the production and processing of top-quality mineral glasses is incomparably higher than with plastic glasses.

The YouRanium range is dedicated to custom comfort making it ideal for the most dedicated and professional anglers. A desired fit making it ideal for all day wear.

Neon: brightening mineral glass, originally developed for fly fishing in Tasmania.


Many competitors use plastic lenses for their polar glasses and give them fantastic-sounding fantasy names without even remotely matching the outstanding properties of TONIC mineral glass:

+ Crystal clear lenses, decentered for an undistorted, optically correct view
+ the brilliant sharpness of mineral glass is e.g. not physically possible with polycarbonate due to the different refractions of light with poly
+ The contrast is enhanced by the different color filters that are matched to one another
+ mechanically much more resistant to scratches than plastic
+ the photochromic effect, i.e. the brightness adjustment when the light changes, is incomparably faster with glass (seconds) than with plastic (minutes)
+ The optical structure in the TONIC glasses is complex with patented production processes (the founder and CEO of TONIC Doug Phillips told me that the competitors either use glasses made of polycarbonate or buy mineral glasses in China, while TONIC mineral glasses are all made in Japan )
+ Extreme quality assurance and precise adjustment of the polarization
+ a must in Australia: integrated blue-ray filter (the aggressive blue rays, especially in Australia, but increasingly also here, are very dangerous for the eyes)
+ The thickness and thus the weight of the mineral glasses has been reduced, TONIC polar glasses are surprisingly light
+ Permanent feedback from the users of TONIC polar glasses leads to ever more perfect lenses and frames for the individual applications.

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