TMC 600 SP - Ami da Mosca

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This is the latest style in big game hooks featuring Tiemco`s ingenious SPR point. Eyes of each size are considered to be large enough to accommodate shock tippets. Made from high quality carbon steel for superb strength. A corrosion-resistant black nickel finish does not spook shy fish.

Saltwater super point, round bend, straight eye, 3X heavy, 2X short, 3X wide, black, nickel plated.

Sizes: 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1, 2

Per box of 10


This new SP point series hooks are the embodiment of the perfect harmony of the penetration power and hook strength. Its edged and hollowed point lowers the resistance of penetration and thus it will increase speed of the penetration. Then these hooks pierce a fish's mouth easily. Biologically speaking, when a hook pierces a fish's mouth in a flash, the wound will be constricted. That is one of the reasons why these hooks have true stable holding ability. Those hollowed triangular points are practical enough that can be sharpened easily on the spot.

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